AD035 Grind

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MANUAL (370kb PDF file.)


     VST 32/64-bit     VST3 32/64-bit      AAX 64-bit
     Windows 8.1 or newer and a 32- or 64-bit DAW.

     VST 64-bit          VST3 64-bit           AAX 64-bit         AudioUnit 64-bit
     10.9 Mavericks or newer and a 64-bit DAW. 

     AUv3 32/64-bit        IAA & Standalone 32/64-bit
     iOS 9.3 or newer and a separate purchase in the iOS App Store.

Fury Fuel

From tube-style saturation to full-on mangled wavetable distortion, Grind is a true powerhouse of audio warfare that puts the "damage" in Audio Damage.

Make no mistake: this is not a subtle, polite tool. While it can be tamed for usual filtering and saturation duties, at heart it is a noisy, snorting beast of a plug-in, and is happiest with Full Metal audio destruction.

Grind consists of a wavetable based waveshaper, a saturation/distortion module and a multi-mode filter - each with a myriad of distinct flavors. Grind's tonal flexibility makes it a Swiss Army Knife for sound design.



Grind's wavetable lookup module replaces each incoming sample with a corresponding value from one from 15 linearly-interpolated wavetables, chosen for their mangling potential. Window size and phase controls provide further tone-shaping possibilities.


Eleven unique distortion and saturation algorithms, from simple soft-knee saturation to full on sine warping are at the heart of Grind's algorithmic distortion module. Whatever destruction you crave, Grind's got it.


Grind's multi-mode filter features eleven filter models to choose from, including "vintage digital" versions from the early days of plugin development and modern virtual-analog MS20-style lowpass and highpass synth filters.


Get things moving with Grind's host-syncable low-frequency oscillator! Animate the wavetable index, the filter frequency, or both to make this monster come alive. From gentle filter sweeps to waveshaping-havoc - we got you covered.


Listen to the album "AD035 Grind Audio Demos" by Audio Damage.


  • Waveshaping Processor
    Wavetable based waveshaping of input signal. Phase and window knobs control which region of the wave is used as the processor's transfer curve.
  • Bespoke Wavetables
    15 wavetables extracted from a broad range of samples and carefully hand-picked in listening tests, offering a wide variety of effects and distortions.
  • Wavetable Blending
    The wavetable knob sweeps through the plugin's wavetables, fading between them smoothly, providing near endless tonal variation.
  • Algorithmic Distortion
    Second waveshaping stage using mathematical functions to reshape the input signal. Features eleven algorithms, including soft- saturation and hard-clipping distortion and complex wave-transformation algorithms. The amount/type of distortion can be controlled via the Algo Amount knob.
  • Multi-Mode Filter
    Post-distortion filter featuring eleven types of lowpass, highpass and bandpass filters, including digital models of vintage filters.
  • Low Frequency Oscillator
    Tempo-synced or freerunning LFO used to modulate the wavetable index and filter cutoff. Featuring sine, pulse and sawtooth waveforms as well as random modulation. Its waveshape can be further tuned using the LFO skew control.
  • Noise Gate
    Fast noise gate at the plugin's input with variable threshold.
  • Input Gain, Output level and Mix controls
    Gain-staging, and blending of the processed and the dry signal.
  • Bypass for Each Processing Stage
    Each module (i.e. wavetable shaping, algorithmic distortion and filter) can be activated and deactivated individually.
  • Cross-Platform Preset Format
    Eos utilizes an XML-based preset manager. Work between multiple systems without troubles, make a preset on your desktop machine and paste it to the iOS version with Handoff, easily share your creations with your friends, or make a preset bundle to sell.
  • Fully Resizable Hi-Dpi/Retina GUI
    Discord4's vector-based GUI is resolution-agnostic, and displays the same on every system and resolution. Easily resize the UI (per instance) to match your visual needs, from postage stamp to poster-sized.



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