ADM06 Sequencer 1

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Sequencer 1 is a top-of-the-line x0x-flavored Eurorack sequencer, for controlling up to four voices at once. 

With Micro SD card storage and software updates, backing up and updating are as easy as dragging and dropping. Four banks of 16 patterns (each up to 64 steps) plus follow actions for pattern chaining make live performance a breeze. Front-panel one-push access to all commonly-used features means no menu diving, no rote memorization of hex codes, and no confusion. 1V/Oct, Hz/V and gate/inverse gate/S-Trig outputs mean it'll drive both modern Eurorack and vintage analog synths. The three tempo-synced LFOs with 30+ waveshapes are worth the price of admission alone.

In short, Sequencer 1 is, we feel, an incredibly useful production sequencer, in both the studio and on stage, and the feature list will only get longer, with a clear roadmap of updates and additions, and all the programming knowledge and experience that Audio Damage can bring to bear on this, our flagship product.

Manual v1.5

Latest Firmware (v1.5) 

Instructional video on how to flash firmware: YouTube




» Four banks, 16 patterns per bank, maximum 64 steps / 4 measures per pattern. Pattern actions allow multiple methods of chaining. 

» Micro SD Card (on back of unit) for pattern storage and super-simple firmware updates. Micro SD card included with unit.

» 1V/Oct and Hz/Volt pitch CV output.

» Individually programmable gate and accent outputs, with selectable gate, inverse gate (vintage Yamaha), and S-trig (vintage Korg and Moog) modes.

» External sync, run, and reset inputs, with clock divider.

» Zero-latency sync, run, and reset outputs. 

» Three tempo-synced internal LFOs with 30+ waveforms, phase, three voltage modes, random amplitude, and length from single step to 256 steps (16 measures at 4/4).

» Two CV inputs for modulating current step, step mode, gate length, current pattern, transpose, repeat mode, ratcheting, and scale.

» Programmable per step: pitch, gate, accent, note length/tie, three CV output values (can be LFO, note, gate, or linear voltage), slide, and ratchet.

» Programmable per pattern: swing, number of steps, playback mode (Nine different stepping modes.)

» Front-panel "Repeat" functions for live-cutting of sequences; repeats the last 8, 4, 2, or 1 step(s) while held down. Also a CV modulation target.

» Front-panel "Ratchet" functions for ratcheting 2 or 4 times on each step while held down. An additional 3-step ratchet is available for direct programming per step.

» Scale/mode quantization, with 45 preset scales and 8 user-programmable scales. Includes separate Tonic setting, and front panel transpose.

» Per-step repeat settings for strange pattern length manipulation.

» 20mm depth, eminently skiffable.

» 36HP width, 110ma current draw on the +12V buss.