We had a major catastrophe with our previous site, which forced the creation of this one. The two are incompatible, as far as the customer database is concerned, and accounts on the old site are not on this one. We are in the process of creating a legacy locker for previous accounts. Until then, contact us should you need to access purchases you made on the old site.

For paid upgrades only available on the new site, make a new account here for your purchases. 


Eurorack Module Manuals and Firmware

General information, manuals and firmware for Eurorack modules can be found on our Discontinued Products page. Please note that some of our products don't have dedicated manuals. In these cases, please read the linked info sheets, which contain descriptions of the products and their operation.

Eurorack Module Support 

Unfortunately, we ceased all hardware manufacturing operations some time ago, and are entirely out of stock on all modules; we no longer have the means to replace problematic modules. For certain situations, we can arrange a repair, though. Contact us to see if it is necessary and/or possible.

Audio Damage Software Support And Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sort of copy protection do you use? 
A: Our products do not have copy protection. You are free to install them on any computer you own. Some of the older manuals mention registration codes. These are no longer required or included. 

Q: How do I get the plugin when I buy it? 
A: As soon as you complete the transaction, the store will provide you with a link to download both Windows and macOS installers; in addition, you always have access to download links in your store account. 

Q: Do I get the iOS version with my desktop version purchase or vice-versa? 
A: No, you do not. The iOS versions are separate purchases, administered by the App Store. Any financial aspects of the iOS purchase (such as refunds, etc.) are handled by Apple through your App Store account. 

Q: The plugin is not showing up in Logic. What do I do? 
A: We make every attempt to keep up with Apple's "Security Measure Of The Month" whims. However, we're not always successful. In 95% of the cases where the plugin is not showing up in Logic (or GarageBand or Mainstage, which are just less sophisticated flavors of Logic), a simple reboot will suffice. In the remaining 5%, deleting the AudioUnit, rebooting, and rescanning will generally do the trick. 

Q: I bought an Audio Damage plugin from eBay/Reverb/MusicTribe/Some Rando I met on KvR. What do I do now? 
A: Get your money back. We do not offer license transfers, and the only third party authorized to sell our products is Plugin Boutique. If someone says in their auction or for-sale notice that we have authorized the transfer, they are not telling the truth, because we do not offer such transfers. 

For further inquiries, drop us a line